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Introduction of CPAP machine

Sleep apnea not only will it affect your sleep quality, and has a long-term impact on health.  but it will also affect your the sleep quality of your partner. More seriously, patients may experience hypoxia during sleep, which can affect heart and lung functions and may lead to high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease and stroke, and even death during sleep. A sleep machine can treat sleep apnea. 

Our company is sleep apnea specialist and offers a variety of CPAP to relieve discomfort during sleep due to sleep apnea. The CPAP passes through the nose and throat, and the mask provides continuous positive airway pressure to the patient’s respiratory tract. This prevents the patient from having an apnea during sleep due to a narrow airway. CPAP are medical instruments and should be consulted before purchase and use.

For more information on sleep machines, please contact us.